Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Third Year Project Idea

Some of you may know that I've recently come back from my holiday in Marmaris, Turkey, and while I was there I had a rather interesting idea for my final project. To be fair, it's not really my idea, it's Tim's, but I think he's more than happy for me to steal it from him.

The basic idea is to model an area of Leicester, but as if the predicted effects of global warming had been affecting it for quite a period of time. So, Leicester, but with a Meditteranean climate. I think this would be quite a nice idea because I'd have direct information from Leicester itself, whilst having to apply an art style, say from photos I took in Turkey.

The climate in Turkey affects far more than just the weather. Plants are different, with palm trees all over the place and the trunks of regular trees painted white, perhaps to protect them from the sun? We couldn't really work that one out. The forests are far less lush and green, and more scrubby, with trees and grasses clinging to rocks. Pavements and road surfaces in the town were always tiled brick, presumably because tarmac would melt. Buildings tended to be pastel shades, and were quite bleached by the sun. Balconies were present on pretty much every residential building in order for people to take advantage of the pleasant weather. Daily routines were also very different, with the working day starting late and finishing late, some shops staying open to about 10pm when in this country you'd expect them to close at 5.

I think this could be quite a good challenge. It would take a lot of concept art to narrow down what makes Leicester Leicester, and what makes Marmaris Marmaris. The issue then would be to combine them in a way that means Leicester is immediately recognisable, but also makes the viewer see that something isn't quite as it normally is.

I'll probably post some photos up later to illustrate some of my points a bit better.

Monday, June 02, 2008


Continuing in the same vein as before: Solitary