Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Life Drawing

Last year I went to a life drawing session on Monday nights. I feel it was really good for me and I produced a lot of work. It was also really interesting getting to see the work of a wide variety of artists with their own personal styles and preferences, and I hope I can find some classes out in Canada.

So anyway, here's some of the stuff I did. A lot of the parcel paper ones didn't photograph very well, the colours came out very weirdly, but you get the idea.

This model was great, she was really angular and could hold some really great poses:

This is probably my favourite piece, I achieved what I try to go for, where you fill in a lot of the information yourself:

This one came out bright yellow when I tried to photograph it, so I've had to turn it dark to have it make any sense. It was going to be black and white, but after I did the white I found it made enough sense anyway and left it:

The guy actually fell asleep during this pose, but barely moved!

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